Me and the Mister

IMG_0008Welcome to my blog!! I am so excited about putting my thoughts, experience and emotions out there for the world to judge. My name is Kenya Thomas and I am married to the love of my life Eric. We both had two daughters from previous relationships when we met and know we have a daughter together. We have been married 2 years and together for almost 4 years. This is beginning of my journey with you, about the journey of us.

The reason why I named this blog shaken and not stirred (no I am not a James Bond fan) is because we all know the difference when we receive items that have not been blended well. For example, have you ever received a strawberry lemonade at a restaurant and all this strawberry syrup is at the bottom of your cup and you begin to stir it with your straw. Well, the strawberry syrup never gets blended all the way through. You have more syrup at the bottom versus when you start drinking. I figured it the waitresses would have shaking the ingredients together they would have been evenly distributed and you would have a perfect beverage.

The brings me to my point, when I started to date my husband and he asked me to marry him, I knew we had to blend our children together into one household. I didn’t want to just stir them in and the feelings, rules, and understanding didn’t get distributed through them. They were 5 at the time, so it was easy but hard at the same time(I will get to the bad soon). I wanted them to know that I love them and that they are equal and they will receive the same love, chores, respect, discipline, encouragement, and advice.

So please tune into all my stories and experience I have had to deal with when it came to being a Stepparent.


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